The Californian Breeze

Two years ago, I went with my family to California and we went to bring my grandma up to Idaho to live with us but that wasn’t the only thing we did there because California is a big state and you can’t leave without visiting the beaches. After we loaded my grandma’s stuff on to a Uhaul trailer, we headed to Pismo Beach which is about a 3 hour drive from where my grandma lived in Dinuba. We stayed at the Sandcastle Inn right on the beach. Pismo has the longest and flattest beaches pismo signI’ve ever seen. Pismo also has some sand dunes back behind the beach. One morning, my sister and I went walking along the shoreline and picked up seashells. the ocean provided a nice, cool morning breeze which felt chilling but refreshing. It also helped awaken my senses and my mind because I’m not really a morning person. At the Sandcastle later that day, they had these three wheel pedal bikes that sit low and they can ride on the beaches and on the roads but the people that tell you the rules, say you can’t go on the sidewalk. Pismo’s Pier is really cool as well, it goes over the beach and out into the ocean where some people go to the end of the pier and go fishing for small sharks.

The town is really cool too, it has lots of gift shops and restaurants and pretty much everything. There’s this restaurant, Splash Café, that serves the best clam chowder I’ve ever tasted and they serve it in a bread bowl. It tastes really good as well if you put a little salt and pepper on the top and mix it in. Point Break is a little store that has a lot of shirts, necklaces and a lot of knickknacks.

We spent about three days or so at Pismo, then we went to see my Mom’s friend from high school, Kelly. We spent one night there in Kingsburg, she had a pool so that was nice to get out of the California sun and cool of in the middle of the day. Her daughter has a separate house with her husband and her brother lives with them as well so I would go hang out over there with Eric, her brother, Josh, her husband, Albert, Erik’s friend, and Alex, her nephew. Alex and I have been good friends since I went to California the first time when I was five.

This year, I’m going back to California with my family again. We’re going to go to Pismo, San Diego, Disneyland and to Kelly’s. Not in that order but just places we’re going to go to. I think it’s going to be fun seeing friends and family again, going back to Disneyland for the first time in a decade, and going to San Diego for the first time. I’ve heard that the San Diego Pier is is so much cooler than the Pismo Pier but I’ll have to see to believe.


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