The Disable Veterans National Foundation

One in five veteran suffers from PTSD and/ or depression, fifty-thousand veterans may not have a place to call home, and 3.8 million veterans have a service-related disability. DVNF (Disabled Veterans National Foundation) is dedicated to ending, and encouraging others to end this trend. If you have ever lost a loved one through war, then you know how familiar it is when families do not get to see the one they love when going to war. Miracles happen every time a veteran is able to return home. However; too often a veteran comes home with an injury- be it physically or psychologically- from the military

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation is determined to give back to the veterans who gave the risk of their life for our country, our safety, and our freedom. They give back through organizations whether it be finding a home for the homeless or low-income veterans, hosting programs that will affect physical and mental health, or having a free store for veterans, DVNF grants exist to enhance these. There are currently three grants that the Disabled Veterans National Foundation has: Health & Comfort, Capacity Building, and Technical Assistance.

The DVNF further explains the reasons why they help each individual veteran no matter the disability. The word disability can mean many different things. Some may think of things such an amputated limb or a chronic pain issue, but disabilities could also be the things that are not visible. This includes veterans who suffer from PTSD, depression, traumatic brain injury, and seizure disorders are just a few of the many disabilities that veterans may return with. Homeless veterans are a main focus of the DVNF because 53% of homeless veterans also have a disability. More importantly, more than half of the homeless veteran population has a mental disability. Most people don’t even think about the self-inflicted mental disabilities. Also in the homeless veteran population, two-thirds has a substance abuse problem.

The Disabled Veteran National Foundation sends out shipments to homeless veteran organizations, to help clothe, feed, and recover many throughout the United States. The Health & Comfort program is able to provide the small things such as deodorant, shampoo, and even sunscreen that veterans cannot afford on their own. The goal is to not let affected veteran slip further through the cracks by creating support groups to provide for veterans. When support is made for veterans, the DVNF understands the fragile state that they can be in, so it is made in an effort to show the appreciation for the veterans and their acts upon our country.

The veterans who served for our country deserve much more than a thanks. The deserve a nation that is willing to try to give back as much as they gave up. The Disabled Veteran National Foundation gives back with much support. By teaming up with organizations who also support providing for the men and women who served, they are changing the way we approach giving back to veterans.

What makes a difference in the way they change lives and give hope to veterans is your support.


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