This one devilish hurricane has cut millions of people off from the world. Not only has this horrible, natural disaster destroyed land, houses, and so much more, it has devastated people's lives. This single hurricane has caused people to be lost, disconnected from each other, families to be scattered or even lost forever from each... Continue Reading →


70,000 people in danger, Communication down, 90 year old dam prone to breakage. 13 people killed. This is Puerto Rico. The effect of hurricane maria have greatly afflicted the lives of many who live on  the tiny island of Puerto Rico. Over 3.4 million people are without communication across the island and  to them communication... Continue Reading →

On September 5 2017 was a gratefully day from people on the Atlantic ocean because it was a peaceful day in Nantucket, Mass.  than all of the sudden, boom it hit the coast of Nantucket and the next thing you know there was havoc going on. People was going ever which way, trying to stay... Continue Reading →

The effects of any hurricane are absolutely devastating. This massive beast, known as Hurricane Harvey, has killed dozens and left more than 200,000 people into darkness. There is almost nothing you can do to prepare for a hurricane. The major thing that Houston is worried about, is the cost to repair the damage done. Many estimates... Continue Reading →

According to CNN and ABC news, All that Carmen Delgado was hope, pray and wait after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Her and her husband went on a trip right before hurricane maria hit there hometown.  They had received pictures of there children who were still safe but for there house it was demolished.  They... Continue Reading →

This September, Hurricane Katia struck in Veracruz, Mexico on the 9th. Most of the damage caused by Katia was due to the flooding it caused. When it first hit land early Saturday morning, Veracruz reported 2 confirmed dead from a mudslide. As the hurricane moved inland, its slower wind speeds caused its title to become... Continue Reading →

Hurricane Harvey, a Category 3 hurricane, hit the area of Houston, TX on August 25, 2017. Harvey has caused destruction and chaos in areas including Belize, Nicaragua, the Honduras, and Louisiana. Among the many confirmed fatalities caused by Hurricane Harvey resides the fate of 77 year-old Texan woman Nancy Reed. Reed died on September 13th... Continue Reading →

    Hurricane Irma's damage has affected lots of countries. It has affected Barbuda, St. Martin, St. Barthemely, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Florida Key, Miami, Naples and Tampa. The hurricane might be over but it left lots of  destruction behind. Barbuda was one of the many countries that was hit. In Barbuda... Continue Reading →

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