Apocolyptic Hurricane Demolishes Puerto Rico

The devastating Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico on September 20, 2017. According to CNN, the devastation was described as “apocalyptic”. This mass destruction has put the people of Puerto Rico in a life changing situation. Clean water has become almost extinct and food is more than just scarce. The U.S. has been sending water, meals, and generators by helicopter to the disastrous areas. The Guuajataca Dam has been greatly effected by the hurricane and is close to failure which has put more than 70,000 people in more danger than they already had been in. Evacuation has occurred in preparation for the dam to fall. The Category 5 hurricane with 175mph winds left Puerto Rico with no power which has left them to an approximated 4-6 months until it is fully restored. Poorly enough, Puerto Rico’s economy was already in shambles, but this hurricane has left them in an even greater amount of chaos. Without the use of status from hospitals, hundreds could be dead, but only sixteen lives have been accounted for so far, according to Vox. The outrageous attack from Hurricane Maria has given us the opportunity to serve those in need in an instant. Puerto Rican’s are depending on those of us who were not hit to help them in this time of need. Continuing to assist them and doing everything we can will allow the people of Puerto Rico to recover even quicker.

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