Hurricane Katia’s Damage Report

This September, Hurricane Katia struck in Veracruz, Mexico on the 9th. Most of the damage caused by Katia was due to the flooding it caused. When it first hit land early Saturday morning, Veracruz reported 2 confirmed dead from a mudslide. As the hurricane moved inland, its slower wind speeds caused its title to become a tropical depression. Katia continued to flood Eastern Veracruz and Southern Tamaulipas for days after the initial touchdown. Fortunately, Katia’s death toll is small in comparison to the other hurricanes this year, and the damage was minimal, as its wind speeds slowed down drastically as it moved inland. Unfortunately, Katia caused many residents of Tamaulipas and Veracruz even more pain, as it struck right after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake, and the flooding of the already damaged buildings caused many residents having to sleep in sleeping bags outdoors.

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