Incredibly Impacting Irma



Hurricane Irma’s damage has affected lots of countries. It has affected Barbuda, St. Martin, St. Barthemely, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Cuba, The Florida Key, Miami, Naples and Tampa. The hurricane might be over but it left lots of  destruction behind.

Barbuda was one of the many countries that was hit. In Barbuda one person died and 90 percent of buildings and vehicles were destroyed (ABC News). Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne said, “When you have an unprecedented storm like this that comes with such significant wind force this is like having a bomb literally thrown on a city. … It is really the sheer magnitude of the winds that destroyed these properties.” The destruction in Barbuda was utterly destructive. lol

The majority of the deaths from Hurricane Irma happened at the Caribbean islands St. Martin, St. Barthemely, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. According to ABC news Thirteen people died in St. Martins, four in the U.S. Virgin Islands,  five in the British Virgin Islands, and three in Puerto Rico.

Sunday morning Hurricane Irma swooped into the Florida Keys as a category 4 hurricane and bringing rain, flooding, and strong winds at 130 mph (ABC news). Two people were killed in the Florida Keys during the awful storm. One man was found dead in a home in Shark Key. Another man was reported killed after he lost control of his truck. (ABC news)

According to ABC news Hurricane Irma’s destruction greatly impacted these countries. It caused many building and vehicles to crumble to the ground and it took lots of peoples lives. The destruction from Hurricane Irma was utterly destructive.

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