The Hurricane of a life time.

According to CNN and ABC news, All that Carmen Delgado was hope, pray and wait after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. Her and her husband went on a trip right before hurricane maria hit there hometown.  They had received pictures of there children who were still safe but for there house it was demolished.  They both still wanted to see it for themselves. They did there best to try to get a flight back to Puerto Rico, bur realized that they had all been canceled.  After much waiting they finally got a flight back home.   When they landed everybody cheered.  They were hoping that there would be family there waiting for them but there was no cell Phone service.  Carmen Delgado and her husband were very disappointed to see the destruction of there home.  The roof of the entire house had been ripped off completely and the garage was pretty much gone.  A car then pulled up and out came there children.  They were relived to see that there children were okay.  Carmen was so glad that her family was okay but sad that here house was gone. Carmen then realized that all this can be replaced over time.

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