Logan Ashton Mr. Schmidt 10th English 2/6/18         One major problem that we face in the world today is the problem of whether we should promote school uniforms or not. Many kids are affected by bullying because of clothing choice. However, many more kids disagree with this petition of getting school uniforms.... Continue Reading →


According to the US Department of Education, between the 1999–2000 and 2009–2010 school years, the percentage of public schools requiring students to wear uniforms increased from 12 to 19 (Sweeney, 2014). As the annual percentage of American schools mandating uniforms increases, the nationwide debate between students, parents, and educators intensifies. School uniforms favor conformity over... Continue Reading →

Some people say that he is too violent with his music but that is the place that he escapes, that is where he goes when he feels anger, passion, or angry like that. His music is the only place that he can go to escape to his happy place. NF(Nate Feuerstein) can’t explain his emotions... Continue Reading →

School Uniforms Most schools in the United States have school uniforms and many students don’t like them and there are many reasons why the do or they don’t like school uniforms. School uniforms take away the style that we like to wear. Most students like to wear jeans, nice shirts, dresses, skirts etc. and school... Continue Reading →

In the state of Idaho minors known as, those under the age of eighteen are under the control of their parents. Emancipation is the process of a minor getting freed from under the control of his or her parents. While many states allow minors to be emancipated Idaho does not. You as a minor are... Continue Reading →

Night Driving Law In the state of Idaho, persons under the age of 16 upon receiving their driver’s license are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle during nighttime hours. They must wait until their 16th birthday before the restriction is lifted. Honestly, I think this is a stupid law. In order to have a... Continue Reading →

holmes 1 Ezekiel Holmes Mr. Schmidt Sophomore English 02/06/18 Do we gain anything from school? Students like to complain about how far away the next break is, the break where we get to sleep in, stay up late, play video games, forget about homework and pretend that school doesn’t exist for a while. When we... Continue Reading →

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