In the state of Idaho minors known as, those under the age of eighteen are under the control of their parents. Emancipation is the process of a minor getting freed from under the control of his or her parents. While many states allow minors to be emancipated Idaho does not. You as a minor are not even legally allowed to choose whom you stay with in terms of family. A child is not taken seriously no matter what the issue is. This is a problem. Idaho is one of the fifteen states who do not allow emancipation, and if emancipation is looked at as a possibility for a minor it usually never happens. When a child is going through not only a rough time at home, but is put in situations where they are told something is not wrong, when it is, by an adult something isn’t right. Though many children exaggerate and lie because they “hate” their parents does not mean that all of them do. Put yourself in a situation as simple as one of your parents have some type of illegal substance in the house and of course you don’t want to get them in trouble because they are your parent but it gets to a point where it is an ongoing thing. You smell it every day, though they claim it does nothing you can sense a change in behavior, and you have had enough. This situation is not life threatening and sure people have it worse, but bad role models and law breaking behavior is no way a child has to grow up. Say you have talked to everyone possible, family members, friends and your last result is the authorities because there is only so much a person can do who is not your parent. So you stay with a family member and you get ahold of the authorities to ask questions and see where you stand and what the consequences are. Only to find out it’s all a joke to them and this illegal substance your parent has ahold of isn’t even considered a big deal. And you can’t do one thing about it because you’re just a minor. Your parent knows best and it is in your best interest to leave it alone. Yeah you have a roof over your head and food on the table, so why complain? Why bring it up at all? Feeling unsafe isn’t stupid or something to joke about.  Something as simple as this could ruin a child’s life. Following in the footsteps of a parent is usually how life works. “History repeats itself.” Now through all of this I’m not saying this home is absolutely not okay and a child absolutely needs to be taken out. All I am trying to prove is that children need to be taken more seriously in terms of protection. What people can do to change this is to simply listen and take in to consideration hat even though this child is not completely unsafe, that they need someone and that person is you.

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