School Uniforms

Most schools in the United States have school uniforms and many students don’t like them and there are many reasons why the do or they don’t like school uniforms. School uniforms take away the style that we like to wear. Most students like to wear jeans, nice shirts, dresses, skirts etc. and school uniforms take that way making you wear something that they don’t like. Also school uniforms are expensive and they’re hard to wash. But not just that they’re uncomfortable they get dirty to easily. Schools also don’t let you wear anything else with it like rings, necklaces, earrings, etc. But what do most students like about school uniforms? Well most students say that they’re fancy and that they stop people from judging you for what you wear. But they’re will alway those students who will bully you in anyway even if your wearing a school uniform. School Uniforms cost $100-$600 plus to wash it and to replace it, it’s a lot of money. People may say that’s nothing because either you have the money or you do it yourself but most people don’t have the money or don’t have the time to wash or to even take care of the uniform. School uniforms also are a waste of time and also you have to replace the school uniform every year because you grow over time and when you have to replace it because it gets ripped, dirty, or shrinks. They are also expensive to make. The fabric they use times the amount they have to make per order can be really high. They are mostly made in China and chinese use them for every school and make tones of money. But in  the U.S. makes money but not as much from school uniforms because school uniforms aren’t used by all schools. School uniforms don’t even do anything sure they make you look good but looking good everyday there are many steps to the uniforms like some have vests some have ties that are difficult. School uniforms are also away to make everyone equal you won’t get bullied for wearing a type of clothing. But the problem with that is people don’t care they’ll just make fun off you personally or anything that you have on you like if your a girl and you wear certain makeup and others hate it and they make fun of you for it. School uniforms won’t protect you from bullying or insultments or being laughed at by bullies. Bullies will make fun of you or pick on you or hurt you even with a school uniform on they will always make fun of try to make you feel bad or make you feel hurt. School uniforms are pointless for schools students should be free to wear whatever they want and it won’t matter if they get picked on by others you should be happy for who you are and what you wear have the freedom to wear and dress whatever you want but there’s only one you in the world.

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