Education Editorial

holmes 1

Ezekiel Holmes

Mr. Schmidt

Sophomore English


Do we gain anything from school?

Students like to complain about how far away the next break is, the break where we get to sleep in, stay up late, play video games, forget about homework and pretend that school doesn’t exist for a while. When we are in school though, we complain that class is to slow, the teacher doesn’t know what he’s talking about, the teacher’s care just as little for our education as we do, I’m tired, etc. The biggest question is, what are we gaining from this? How does any of this benefit us?

We could all benefit from what each teacher offers us, and we should be taking advantage of what they do for the class as a whole, even if it’s the bare minimum.

Our education affects those surrounding us and the over all community. The colleges open to us as well as potential occupations, are heavily based on our GPAs, therefore; we should be working as hard as we can to earn a 4.0 or higher. It’s in our best interest, socially, that we gain what education we can.

Our community is affected in the sense that we gain jobs from our education. We do need emissions testers, fast food restaurants to run steadily, barber shops, cashiers, and bus drivers. But we also need doctors, architects, software developers, engineers, physicists, and in general, well educated people.

For those that would like stocked food, a running car, a house, a family, more than one set of clothes, nice furniture, decorations, etc. all these things are dependent on money, and the money you


holmes 2


earn is dependent on your job, the job you have is dependent on your education.  A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement for most fields of work with decent pay.

When historical events come up in conversation, or vocabulary, you wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by your lack of understanding and you would like to keep up at the same pace as your colleagues. Even business such as buying a car, taking out a loan, or reading a restaurant menu does require some skill. The smallest social events such as game night could require extra knowledge, trivia or any game requiring knowledge of history, where you don’t want to be the loser all the time.

Some argue that the teacher doesn’t care for us or our education. Even if that’s true, your grade doesn’t affect them, it affects you and you alone should be the one to care. Others would say they don’t actually learn anything in class. There is, every once in a while, a day where nothing valuable is taught in a class, but in most cases, all of your classes have something to offer you that will be useful in a test or later in life.  Another common argument might be that we only go to school because state laws require us to until a certain age. It’s true that we are required, in Idaho, to go to school until the age of 16, but it should be an interest of yours to continue your education after you’ve reached this age. There is plenty of statistical evidence that people with no Diplomas or GED’s end up living with their parents, barely

manage rent, become drug addicts. The biggest argument most people come up with say, “there are plenty of people that are out there who’ve been very successful in life without a diploma.” Yes, but those people either got extremely lucky finding a generous casino table, were born into extremely wealthy families, or were smart enough to find a loop hole and didn’t need the education offered to them. Most of us aren’t that lucky or that brilliant, so we should be sticking with what knowledge is given to us.

holmes 3

Students shouldn’t complain so much about the time they spend in school. If we all focused on all the positive things that can happen to or for us during the six hours we spend in school, rather than the negative, we’d all gain so much more from daily lessons. As an added bonus, it wouldn’t depress the students wanting to be in school as much.

Students, when in school, should be taking advantage of what is offered and sometimes forced upon them.  We all are forced into the situation anyways, we might as well gain from the experience what we can.

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