Is water or Powerade better for workouts?

The question of “Is water or Powerade better for workouts?” had come up in my head quite a bit. Both are drunk by lots of people every day when exercising and some people say that water is better, but others say Powerade is better.

After some thinking, I believe I have found the answer. Powerade is much more helpful when exercising rather than just plain water because of the nutritional benefits and flavors.

The main reason I believe this is because it has electrolytes which keep you energized. It even says it on the bottle which electrolytes it has. Electrolytes allow your muscles to keep moving by adding energy carrying molecules that are lost in sweat back into your body. The electrolytes are charged by electric currents your body produces. Those charges are used in your muscles to move. As a result of increased chargeable molecules, you can keep moving for a longer period of time. Water does not have any of those electrolytes, just some added chemicals to purify it. And there is also sodium in Powerade, which helps you retain your water. Sodium in your body makes the water stay in your body to balance out the levels of sodium. So adding just enough will allow you to hold the water you already have instead of losing it by sweating. Extra water is always a plus when you are doing a longer workout. The best thing about Powerade though is that there are so many flavors to choose from. There are fifteen available in the U.S. to be exact. Last time I checked there is only one flavor of water from the tap and it is not that great. So instead of drinking plain old water, you can enjoy a fruity flavor to make your workout better. Plus you get the added bonus of necessary nutrients, so it is the best drink there is.

Some may say that Powerade is not healthy because it has a lot of sugar, but sometimes sugar is a good thing. Sugar is what your body uses for energy, especially when working out. So if you are getting that much sugar, be sure to work out after and you will be okay and feel better because you had more energy. If you drink too much Powerade and don’t work out it will raise your sugar levels which can be unhealthy. So drink in moderation if it is just for enjoyment rather than exercise. Also some haters will say that it wouldn’t hydrate you because it doesn’t contain enough water. That is true but if you drink water before your workout, then drink Powerade, it will be very effective. The water that you drink will stay in your body due to the sodium in Powerade keeping you hydrated and energized.


Based on these points, I have come up with my final opinion on the matter. It is good to drink water before you work out, and drink Powerade during and after. This will help you get water, and then keep it inside while you work out. It is the ultimate way to stay energized when working out.

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