Some people say that he is too violent with his music but that is the place that he escapes, that is where he goes when he feels anger, passion, or angry like that. His music is the only place that he can go to escape to his happy place. NF(Nate Feuerstein) can’t explain his emotions on tour when he is with his fan, so music is the only escape, it is how he expressed his anxiety and how he gets overwhelmed. His goal is doing music, I think that you guys deserve to know how he got started.

NF(Nate Feuerstein) had a troubled childhood. His parents divorced and when his mom got a new step-dad he started physically abusing him. His mother eventually killed herself. She (od) in ‘09. He was raised mainly by his dad.

He was born in Gladwin, Michigan. In 2009, he graduated from Gladwin High School the same year his mom od. In one of his songs called “How Could You Leave Us” talks about how on his graduation day his mom wasn’t there because drugs were more important to her than her own child was. In the song, he is sad, depressed, because it talks about how his mother was never there for the kids.During the song, it talks how her kids waited by the window and his mother never came.

Then the last conversation that NF and his mother had was on the couch in the living room and he had bought some of his music to listen for his mother and, she started crying saying that “It isn’t her” and that he would stop in a couple of weeks. A couple weeks later she was back in her same old habit. At the end of the song, he starts to wonder when he has kids that their grandmother won’t be there for that and his mom won’t be there when he gets married or when his kid’s graduate.

There is a reason why he is express all of this anger and emotions because that is how he connects with life, and like I said before that is how he escapes. People think that NF is too violent with his songs. This is just some of the songs “I Just Want To Know”, “How Could You Leave Us”, “Let You Down”, etc. because in his music videos, it shows  people getting in car cush, people cutting their wrist, or people doing pills his doing pills, and smoking and at the end of the video of “How Could You Leave Us” it shows his mom lying on the floor from her od. Also in that song, it talks about how the kids were the ones who found her on the floor dead. But….Hey….News Flash…  this is all a part of life. In Intro 2 he talks about how much music has raised him more than his own parents did, and music a big part of his life, and that is what he had to coop with everything through life.

When people talked about NF, they talked about him like he is something to look down upon but everyone is gonna like him and in the video “let you down”, it is about this father and his son, how he was never able to make his father happy. I mean sure kids to make their parents mad. In a lot of his songs, it talks about how he second guesses himself and that he argues with himself a lot and doubts himself a lot. The views can see that video in different ways. That he is right and the person that he is talking to is wrong or he is wrong and he chooses to not listen to the other person. Most of his songs…okay all of his songs are really about what he did wrong as a kid and his mother (od) in 2009. The same year that he graduated high school. In that video, it also talks about how he never leaves up to what other people want him to be.

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