Night Driving

Night Driving Law

In the state of Idaho, persons under the age of 16 upon receiving their driver’s license are not permitted to operate a motor vehicle during nighttime hours. They must wait until their 16th birthday before the restriction is lifted. Honestly, I think this is a stupid law.

In order to have a license in Idaho, you must pass a written and skills test. You obviously have shown that you know the laws, and can operate a vehicle safely. Why drop restrictions? You have proved that you know everything you need to know, so it does it not make sense to say you can not drive at night. We can already drive during daylight, so nighttime driving is not a significant change/difference. Also, you have most likely already driven at night before on the learner’s permit, so it is not like it is new or you have never done it. Really, if we are ready for a license, we are ready to drive at night. We are smart enough to get through it.

The usual courses in high school for someone getting their license are: Geometry, Algebra 2, English, Physical Science, Biology, etc. A lot of these classes are hard classes, yet we (mostly) still meet our parents’ expectations of a good good/passing grade. So, it makes sense that the same people can and are able to drive, and drive at night. Even though parents reasoning/sanity goes away when they hear their child’s name and “driving” in the same sentence, if we are expected to get A’s in all our hard classes, we should also be trusted to learn the basic rules of driving, and night driving that almost everyone learns very easily.

When one is a the age of driving, a lot of events that they must go to are at, or will at some point be at nighttime. I know this because  that is how it is for me. Tell me, what is the point of having a license, when you can not even drive to your own events and activities because they are at night, when we are not allowed to drive. Just drop that law/ restriction, and it will make it much easier on parents, so they do not have to always be running around driving their kids around everywhere.

Now, you may say that a 15 year old may not be mature/ good enough to drive at night. But really, if they are being trusted to drive during the day, I think they can handle driving at night.

The solution is crystal clear. Rid this land of the law and restriction. People should be able to drive whenever and wherever they want once they receive their license.

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