The question of “Is water or Powerade better for workouts?” had come up in my head quite a bit. Both are drunk by lots of people every day when exercising and some people say that water is better, but others say Powerade is better. After some thinking, I believe I have found the answer. Powerade... Continue Reading →


Human development begins at conception when the parent gametes fuse their nuclei, forming a zygote. Four to five days after the egg is fertilized, an embryo has been formed into a blastocyst and is about sixteen to twenty cells wide when its inner cavity begins to form. At this developmental stage, the stem cells necessary... Continue Reading →

Amniocentesis, or amniotic fluid testing, is a prenatal test expecting parents may choose to perform. It involves a needle being inserted into the pregnant mother’s belly to extract the fluid surrounding the baby and containing its tissues. This amniotic fluid may be then examined for genetic abnormalities, infections, and gender. The debate surrounding this poses... Continue Reading →

As students, we want to believe that homework is just a waste of time. Homework is there as a way to study, review what has been learned, and allows the teacher and the student to assess where the student's knowledge of the material is. As students do their homework, it is allowing the information they... Continue Reading →

As you unwrap the red wrapper of your delicious Kit Kat, you contemplate your upcoming joy of eating it. You are about to take a bite, but then you stop and think. Do you just take a big bite out of it, or break it? This is the problem that is currently widespread across the... Continue Reading →

Showers or baths? Which one could possibly be better? well, before you decide on this very important question, let me persuade you on why you should choose the obvious answer... Showers!   It's a Monday morning, Billy wakes up and looks outside and think to himself, “ It's not usually this bright at 6:15 in... Continue Reading →

For many years now in kid’s sports competitions there has been a problem on whether all kids should receive a participation trophy. This problem needs to be solved because there are many people that think there should be participation trophies and many that think there shouldn’t be participation trophies. This problem of whether there should... Continue Reading →

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