Uniform Conformity

Logan Ashton

Mr. Schmidt

10th English


        One major problem that we face in the world today is the problem of whether we should promote school uniforms or not. Many kids are affected by bullying because of clothing choice. However, many more kids disagree with this petition of getting school uniforms. They either cannot see the issue of bullying or haven’t been affected by it. So, who do we support? The common good of keeping clothing freedom? Or do we help those are separated and decrease the abuse of the kids’ freedom by wearing bad clothes?


        We must obviously promote school uniforms because it warps kids who are bullied  and so what if some kids are angry. First, it causes less bullying to be seen throughout the school. In fact, more unity is witnessed as well. From a survey done by the NAESP, the National Association of Elementary School Principals, we can see that a “positive impact on peer pressure” went up a whopping 86% and bullying by 64%. Even if these percentages were off by a few percent, it wouldn’t change the fact that school uniforms do so much good in the bullying and peer pressure community. This is one of the biggest reasons to enforce school uniforms.


        Second, we can focus better and are more disciplined when school uniforms are in place. In that same survey, we can see that the classroom discipline was increased drastically as well. It improved by 64%. Imagine how much better school would be if discipline was 64% more visible. We can be more proficient in class if we don’t have these distractions like new or diverse clothing style all around. Looking at and comparing apparel of others completely takes our mind off of what we should be learning and focuses on things that won’t affect us later on in life at all. Paying attention and discipline directly have an impact on each other. Because of this, we can learn easier and be more attentive. Therefore, uniforms can help students learn by focusing our minds on important content.


        Next, I personally am annoyed how some of  the people of my generation choose their style. It is not at all appealing. It usually gives adults a bad impression on us which is why we have so many strict dress codes. Too many people misuse the ability to where whatever they want. All of the important dress codes to avoid this and the problem of gang signs could be avoided themselves with assigned school uniforms. It also costs less for parents choosing the right outfits for their kids. From the Director of Field Experience at the University of North Texas College Education, we hear this, “… the dress code took up a great deal of time… I wished many times that we had uniforms because the issue of short skirts… and baggy jeans would have been a non-issue.” It comes right from a Director. School uniforms help inappropriate dress and behavior diminish.


        Although some argue they can find cheaper outfits if they don’t have uniforms. I disagree. Surveys and studies don’t usually lie about their facts. A study was done in the U.N. of money saved by parents, and they found that uniforms and related apparel was only about $128 while those without spent $165 (yearly). Assigned uniforms have been thought to cost more but if the picks, which is never a good idea, they will most likely pick what will make them popular.


        Finally, all of the studies and proofs that we’ve gone over have much evidence showing why uniforms do more good than bad and why they are so beneficial to schools and environments helping behavior, discipline, and bullying.

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