Should the drinking age stay at 21?

In America the legal drinking age is 21. It should be lowered out of all the country 6% has the drinking age at 21, and 61% percent has a drinking age of 18 or 19. America should join that 61% of the world and lower the drinking age to 18.

In America you can be drafted into our military and fight for our country, but yet you’re not allowed to drink at 18? That does not make much sense. If you’re allowed to be forced to fight in the military and possibly die in combat you should be able to have alcohol at 18, because you could die before ever having a drink, never having the experience of cracking a cold one with your boys.

At 18 you’re now a legal adult, you can go into debt vote and also be drafted. In those responsibilities alcohol should be included in them. Because you’re now an adult so you should be able to drink if you want too.

Also at 18 you can buy cigarettes which can give you lung cancer, drinking alcohol is a lot safer than smoking. So why can we buy smokes at 18 but not drink at 18? That makes no sense if anything it should be reversed. Life expectancy for smokers is ten years shorter than those who don’t smoke, so should we be worried about 18 year olds having alcohol or 18 year olds smoking??

You may think that drinking at the age of 18 could ruin people’s life but I assure you that it won’t, 61% of the world has it at 18, that’s 116 countries. Also 19 countries don’t even have a drinking age and 20 countries have it at 16. If drinking was so bad then why would most of the world have it lower than 21, because drinking doesn’t ruin lives. In America 61.2% of high school seniors have admitted to drinking alcohol. That’s over half!! This proves that it does not ruin lives, if over half the country has done it under age and America is doing just fine. Therefor it should be lowered to 18

Alcohol can be dangerous, if you’re drinking too much over a span of years, but in moderation alcohol is safe and can actually help prevent diseases, such as dementia. People who drink are 29% less likely to have dementia. Drinking also significantly helps prevent Alzheimer’s, it decreases your chances at getting Alzheimer’s by 42% that’s almost half!! If moderated and not overused alcohol does do some good and therefore it should be lowered.

Lowering it is the only logical solution here. Drinking isn’t bad, and can even help prevent some diseases. And   you can be drafted at 18, you can buy smokes at 18 which are more dangerous, and you’re an adult now you should be able to do whatever you want. You’re being held with all these other responsibilities why not add drinking on there. You should not have to wait three years to drink after entering adulthood; it’s just unethical and wrong.

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