The Problem With Adoption Prices

When children are our next generation in life, every choice we make now can affect their future. This is why adoption can affect a child or an orphan in the foster system. This all determines whether a child has a home, a family, and an education. Adoption can vary in prices of $0 to $50,000 and this is not including a passport, visa, translator, an attorney that will deal with cross country adoptions, a visa for the child, and more for international adoptions.

Orphans are not getting the support and love that they all deserve because money is such an issue for many people.

Children are not getting the home that they all desire for. According the the Children’s Bureau from 2008-2012, the adoptions rates in the United States went down 18%. Just imagine how many of that 18% are living in the streets without food, water, shelter, or anyone there to help them. Since the government doesn’t fund adoptions, the cheapest form of adoption is still $40,000 and up. Since a lot of people living in today’s society probably doesn’t have forty grand in their back pocket, a lot of orphans have to live at foster homes or shelters. They also average switching places to live about 3 times a week. This can cause a stressful lifestyle because these children don’t have a “home” a certain place they can feel safe at.

Since orphans are not getting the homes they desire, they are also not getting the education they need to help them throughout their lives. Stated by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute, 33% of children in the foster care system and waiting to be adopted, end up changing elementary schools five or more times. Because of this, children are not learning new material and proceeding through grades with their age group. This causes children to lose connections with friends and lead them down a path of not wanting to make new friends. Orphans start to learn how to isolate themselves because in their minds, they have no one. The feeling of not having a single person there for you can lead to different types of depression and anxiety. 

Many say that people who decide to have the child should be responsible enough to take care of the kid. In reality, that’s not the case at all. There are many reasons why children are put up for adoption, whether it be that their parents just weren’t ready to be parents or a tragedy occurred, it is not the kid’s fault for the reason they are in the system. “Adopted children make up 2% of the child population” states the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. The rest of those kids whose lives were put in the system are basically on their own trying to support themselves. 

Some might say that when it comes to adoption, the federal government gives you a huge decrease in taxes after paying for the actual adoption. Which this is true and frankly quite great for people who do end up adopting. But what about those families who do want to love a child and give them a home, but they don’t have $40,000 to pay for just the orphan? If we go to an extreme, an effect of this could be the reason why we have a problem with people trying to steal newborn babies. A solution for this could be to reduce the price of adoption and slightly raise taxes. Adopting a child would be much easier for those looking to expand their family and it could be affordable. 

Adoption is such an incredible opportunity for both the child being adopted and the family who is adopting. Adoption offers a child in need a family, a home, friends, education, and so much more. Just imagine a child’s face and the glow of happiness that their expression that beams when they find out they have a family who will love and support them. Children are our future and we need to help them on their path to success. 

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