Mental health can be defined many ways, and be seen as less or more important in someone’s life based on their beliefs and experiences. Mental health is what defines our lives, our emotions, physiological, and social well-being. It is how we relate to others, handle stress, and make choices. It is important in every aspect... Continue Reading →


  Dylan Collom Guns are one of the most opinionated topics in America. Firearms are needed in America for many reasons. For one there is are people who need them for defensive purposes. The second reason why guns are needed is a sign of freedom. And lastly, there is the need of them for recreation... Continue Reading →

Ke’ilani Sedrick Mr. Schmidt Sophomore English 29 January 2018 Currently, a discussion up in the air, being disputed left and right, is whether or not universities should be free. We continue to see the amount of money used to pay for this second round of education, and the question is if it is necessary for... Continue Reading →

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