Should Guns be Banned in America?


Dylan Collom

Guns are one of the most opinionated topics in America. Firearms are needed in America for many reasons. For one there is are people who need them for defensive purposes. The second reason why guns are needed is a sign of freedom. And lastly, there is the need of them for recreation and sports.

The reason the defense is important is for protecting yourself is if you make them illegal than the killers in America will hide some of the millions of guns already in America, and if they are illegal they will still kill with illegal weapons just as much as when they were legal. Also, there are people who may not be able to defend themselves unless they have a gun such as the elderly or the disabled. If there are no guns with the law abiding citizens then there is no one to stop the killers of America.

Firearms truly are a sign of freedom in America. Yun Seok Sue is a foreign exchange student in a country where guns are not allowed. According to him, they learn about Americans showing their freedom by being able to have guns in their possession in their history classes. If the guns in America are banned then when does banning stop do they, then ban fireworks because they can be turned into a weapon?

The last reason is that it is a sport and is also a way some people are employed such as in places like Cabelas or places for processing deer meat. Without firearms, a whole piece of our economy would fall because the companies that make firearms, will go out of business causing a loss of jobs. The loss of guns in America would also cause a black market for guns and force people to buy them illegally and people would maybe use them for defending against the police from taking them away.

There are the people who would say that there are people who will kill people for their money or they are a little crazy in their thought process. But the way these people are stopped are by the police and the good citizens of America with guns who will be able to with guns. Another thing they say is people that die of a gun accidental firing of guns. The way that people can stop this epidemic is by creating a need to get a hunters safety license to own a firearm so that all people will be able to handle one and be safe. In America, people die of accidental poisoning 50 times more often than a firearm accidentally firing. A logical solution would be to have restrictions on some people such as those with criminal records or people with mental illnesses but outlawing guns would only make the cost of guns on the black market rise. Guns in America are needed for defense, a symbol of America’s freedom, and the need for the occupations and recreational purposes.


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