Wildfire in California While camping in August, a camp fire went out of control and spread over 117,000 acres in Butte County California. As of Monday morning the fire has burned more than 7,200 structures. In the process, so far there are 66 fatalities with over 600 missing people.These... Continue Reading →


Robert Bailey was played the same lottery game for 25 years, but this year his patience was paid of. Bailey won $343.8 million dollars. According to Faith Karlml, “The 67-year-old retired government employee came forward Wednesday to claim last month's winning Powerball ticket -- the largest jackpot in in New York lottery history.” Not only... Continue Reading →

Over the past six weeks, at least 32 people in the U.S. have gone to the doctor suffering symptoms of food poisoning. With closer examination, each one of those cases had one identical strain of E. coli bacteria. The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention warned US consumers on Tuesday to not eat romaine... Continue Reading →

ABS-CBN Sports After months of constantly being denied the request to be traded to another team, Jimmy Butler’s  frustration, along with frustration of our own, is finally over. Shortly after Butler’s trade to the Timberwolves during this year’s NBA Draft, Jimmy had requested to be traded when things started going downhill. His request was constantly... Continue Reading →

  On Monday, November 12, 2018 Marvel co-founder and comic book pioneer Stan Lee lost the battle against pneumonia at the age of 95 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. Earlier this year in March, he informed fans of his battle in a video. His illness caused him to cancel many appearances across... Continue Reading →

Voters in Utah have decided to legalize the issue of allowing medical Marijuana to be used along with medicaid to cover tens of thousands low income residents. This new shift in Utah’s laws will now join 30 other states that have also legalized the use of Marijuana. Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson sent... Continue Reading →

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