During the evacuation of the Thomas fire in Ventura CA. off highway 1. A man was recorded running towards the fire to save a baby bunny from the scorching flames. People are hailing this man a hero for saving the bunny. California Campfire has burned thousands of acres and taken 42 lives with over... Continue Reading →


In Thousand Oaks, California, a fun night out at The Borderline Bar & Grill turned into a deadly disaster. Twelve people have fallen victim to 28 year-old Ian David Long’s violent rampage. Long states he had no reason to do it, except that “life is boring so why not?” Long, soon after posting to social... Continue Reading →

Connor Gardner On Tuesday November 7 Michigan's voting polls came in to Lansing, Michigan (capitol) and the surprise of prop one was astonishing. Proposition one in Michigan this year would legalize both the medical and  the recreational use of Cannabis otherwise known as marijuana. This was shocking news to the Midwest state. it is the... Continue Reading →

It’s another year for the Liberty Charter Girls Basketball Team and there aren’t many girls trying out this year for the team. Due to this unfortunate decision making by some of the girls the girls Basketball Team is going to be limited to Varsity Team. This is because of the lack of players that have... Continue Reading →

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