Are Aliens Trying to Contact us?

Tech Desk 2018

UFOs spotted near Irish coast, sighting under investigation: Report

A UFO (An Unidentified Flying Object) was spotted off the coast of Ireland at approximately 6:47pm on Monday morning. The woman who first spotted this unidentified flying object was a British Airways pilot. She has asked to remain unidentified. It has been confirmed that she is not associated with previous reports of UFO sightings. She and a few other pilots reported “very bright lights” and that these unidentified flying objects were moving “at Mach 2”. (Mach 2 is the speed of sound times two.) She and the other pilots also described the unidentified flying objects as,”moving so fast”, “rapidly veer(ing) to the North”, and that there were “multiple objects following the same trajectory”. There was a call into the air traffic control center see if there were any military drills or exercises being performed. The air traffic controller reported that in fact, there were no military drills going on at that time. Apostolos Christou, an astronomer from the Armagh Observatory and Planetarium, inferred that these so-called bright lights might be meteors. It has been found that Ireland experiences meteor showers around the time of this occurrence every year. Mr. Apostolos also said that, “It was most likely what are commonly called shooting stars,”, “It appears the matter was extremely bright so it must have been quite a large piece of material.” and “I cannot say from the pilots’ description, but it could have been the size of a walnut up to an apple.” Even though scientists believe that these strange lights are meteorites, many believe that these are alien life forms reaching out to us. Whether or not these are aliens, BBC states that “This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process.”

(2018, November 13). UFO’s spotted off of Irish coast under investigation.


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