Jimmy Butler Traded To 76ers

ABS-CBN Sports

After months of constantly being denied the request to be traded to another team, Jimmy Butler’s  frustration, along with frustration of our own, is finally over. Shortly after Butler’s trade to the Timberwolves during this year’s NBA Draft, Jimmy had requested to be traded when things started going downhill. His request was constantly denied by the Minnesota Timberwolves caused frustration not only between Jimmy and the Wolves, but in between the players on the team. According to the owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Glen Taylor, “It just appeared that they weren’t working together as a team or as a unit the way that they should’ve. I can’t exactly answer why.” At first, the Timberwolves’ owner refused all of Butler’s requests to be traded. You could imagine the feeling of imprisonment that Jimmy Butler felt while stuck on a team that he was not cooperating with. Later on, after the conflict continued and Butler’s lack of desire to play for the Wolves still remained, an offer was made by the Philadelphia 76ers that  was finally accepted as Glen Taylor apparently had a sudden change of mind. Why had Taylor been so strict on keeping the 4x All Star all along, just to change his mind? Understandably, Glen Taylor expressed that he had spent “too much of my time on things that were negative.” After the trade, Taylor expressed his feeling that holding him back all this time was simply “a waste of time.” Now, the wait is over for all of the Jimmy Butler fans out in the world. We must now see how he adjusts with his new team out in Philadelphia. Its only a matter of time before are informed of another trade request. Let’s hope that Jimmy can “Trust the Process” as he begins his career as a 76er.


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