No.4 Duck Blue Devils freshmen starters live up to their expectations vs No.2 Kentucky wildcats, in season opener.



  1. Duke standing at No.4 and Kentucky standing at No.2 was a season opener to watch. The Blue Devils coming in with Four great freshman  in which include Zion Williamson who is a 6’7’ power forward for the Blue Devils ,Cameron Reddish a 6’8” small forward, Rj Barrett who is a 6’7’  guard and Tre Jones a 6’2″
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    point guard all dropped a great amount of points on their season opener game against the Kentucky Wildcats on November 6th 2018. The four outstanding freshman all top recruits for the 2019 NBA draft lived up to the hype surrounding them on arriving at Duke University. In the season opener against one of the top Atlantic coast teams the Kentucky Wildcats the four noticeable freshmen dropped a great amount of points Rj Barrett had 33 points, Zion had 28 points and reddish had 22 points Tre Jones had which led the Blue Devils to a 128-84 game win against the wildcats.” No one has ever scored more points against John Calipari coached Kentucky team”

The “hype” for these three starting freshmen has continued.The season opener against the Wildcats  and the Blue Devils two of the nations top five ranked teams has “set a preview for a possible final four game”. Going into the freshmen’s first week of playing college basketball, they have led the blue devils to a 3-0 win streak .This win against the Widcat’s has shown everyone what the Blue Devils are all about this season. The four freshmen have been a outstanding as starters not only as scoring as regular players they contributed in different ways Tre Jones  had seven assists Zion Williamson had seven of Duke’s 38 rebounds Rj Barrett had six assists. Although the players had help from returning veterans, Duke was able to overwhelm Kentucky in the season opener

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