Proposition 2 is legalized in Utah

Voters in Utah have decided to legalize the issue of allowing medical Marijuana to be used along with medicaid to cover tens of thousands low income residents. This new shift in Utah’s laws will now join 30 other states that have also legalized the use of Marijuana. Former Salt Lake City mayor Rocky Anderson sent a letter to leaders of the LDS Church, the Utah Patients Coalition, the Utah Medical Association, and members of the Utah State Legislature regarding his intent to potentially file a lawsuit over the compromise deal. The deal was agreed upon by supporters and opponents of Proposition 2, the LDS Church, and state legislators.

What Was in the Letter?

The letter stated, “We are investigating a legal challenge to (1) the calling of a special session of the Utah Legislature at the behest of The Church of Jesus Christ; (2) any effort, in collusion with or at the behest of The Church of Jesus Christ, to materially alter the initiative statute supported by a majority of voters who passed Proposition 2 in the recent election; and (3) the long-term pattern of domination of the Utah Legislature and the interference in the functions of Utah government by The Church of Jesus Christ.”


What did Proposition 2 do?


Proposition 2 was designed to legalize medical marijuana for individuals with qualifying conditions. Individuals can receive a medical marijuana card with a recommendation from a physician under Proposition 2. Under the measure, a medical marijuana cardholder can not smoke marijuana or use a device to facilitate the smoking of marijuana. Which was never designed to happen in this state, but for medical reasons, it was necessary to do. MarijuanaDuring any one 14-day period, an individual is allowed to buy either 2 ounces of unprocessed marijuana or an amount of marijuana product with no more than 10 grams of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or cannabidiol.



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