Origins, a New Album by Imagine Dragons

It’s been about a year and half since ‘Evolve’ has been released, and ‘Origins’ is a album to complete their third album.  “ ‘ We had these songs that we created after ‘Evolve,’ where we thought, ‘We could wait a couple years, I guess, like bands are supposed to and put it out, but then it’s going to be irrelevant to us because in two years, we’re going to be in a different place,’ “Reynolds said in the video. ‘So we just thought, ‘Well, this is a new world of music. Why don’t we put it out right now?’ “ There are some hints of EDM, 80’s, and R&B music in this new album, which confused their fans of the bands direction of  the band sounds.

Imagine Dragons
Imagine Dragons

According to Katie O’Brien, ” They might be stretching their genre for more Grammy and other music award nominations — or simply to widen their fan base.” 

The first song to be released as their hook to ‘Origins’ is ‘Natural’, which leads in a bombing, loud and explosive entry to ‘Origins’. According to Cassandra Perez, she says, “Origins opens with the hit single ‘Natural,’ an explosive, fist-pumping anthem that touches on survival in a world wrought with chaos through lyrics such as ‘You gotta be so cold / To make it in this world.’ ” origins-imagine-dragons This leads into ‘Machine’, which bring an adrenaline, grating, and industrial track. the next song is more of a charming power ballad which is about a broken relationship with the residue left behind, ‘Cool Out’. The songs in ‘Origins’ have multiple definitions, as said by Cassandra Perez, ” ‘Bad Liar’ details a ‘loveless year’ and is a moving track about Reynolds’ battle with his inner demons. ‘West Coast’ offers a welcome break from the bass-heavy songs that constitute the majority of the album.”






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