Patience Pays Off

Robert Bailey was played the same lottery game for 25 years, but this year his patience was paid of. Bailey won $343.8 million dollars. According to Faith Karlml, “The 67-year-old retired government employee came forward Wednesday to claim last month’s winning Powerball ticket — the largest jackpot in in New York lottery history.” Not only did he buy the winning ticket but, he bought the ticket with all 6 numbers matching the Powerball ticket. He considered the possibilities and walked away win a net value of $125,396,690 after required with holdings.

Out of all the places he could have bought his ticket, he bought it from a local deli after lunch. Once the numbers were announced, Robert said, “I said to myself, ‘these look like my numbers.’ I tried to remain calm and sat down to watch some shows I had on my DVR. I didn’t sleep the rest of the night.”  and continues to say that he plans on only doing good things with the money.

Even though Bailey is now a millionaire, he will continue to play his numbers monthly. Robert Bailey is now the man that holds New York’s largest lottery winnings ever. Karlml says,”The total prize in the October 27 drawing was $687 million. Bailey will split the jackpot with a woman in Iowa who also got the winning numbers.” Lerynne West, living in her 1st home in Iowa, takes home a pizza, coffee, and $198 million dollars to splurge.

It was a regular day for West, she had lunch with her sister and a coffee, and for fun they went and bought lottery tickets. West had accidentally left her winning ticket on the floor of her sister’s truck instead of her purse, which laid there for a couple of days. When the numbers were announced, West had received a text from a friend asking if she had won, West soon realized her ticket was not in her purse. West called her sister immediately and had found her missing ticket. Then she quickly realized that her numbers had matched the Powerballs.








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