fire            Wildfire in California

While camping in August, a camp fire went out of control and spread over 117,000 acres in Butte County California. As of Monday morning the fire has burned more than 7,200 structures. In the process, so far there are 66 fatalities with over 600 missing people.These Wildfires combined have been the deadliest fires in the history of wildfires in California. Numerous vehicle were in the way of the highway while people were having to rush out of town in a hurry, that so far they have moved over 60 cars and there are still more blocking roads. The sheriff’s office have been saying that there have been over 139 “suspicious incidents”-16 of them are looting. Oregon firefighters have been called to help with the campfire spreading. 63 people have died in the fire in total. The campfire is one of the 3 major fires in California. 26,000 people are left homeless. Temperatures are going up, and vegetation like grasses and trees are dying out.  Started November 8 98% remained after rain helped firefighters extinguished some of the hotspots. But too much rain washed away remains making it harder to find them. Cruz still assist the areas where the fire was still burning in steep terrain. The California buyer well soon have the boys fully contained. This dangerous fire has swept through the foothill talent of Paradise. Three of the 5600 firefighters paddling the boys have been injured. Thousands of people packing emergency hotels in Camps not knowing if they have a place to return two. 7 inches of rain had fallen for three days hoping the fire go down. This fire has destroyed a retirement community with a population of 27,000. Nearly 54 remains have been positively identified. They found more dead bodies and remains of forms and melted cars.

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