Austin Lee Smith Memorial T-Shirts

Starting the early month of November until today, December 5th, Victory and Liberty Charter High School have been selling white, memorial T-shirts. For Liberty students, the white short-sleeve shirt has their mascot, a patriot, drawn in navy blue, and Victory has their viper drawn in dark green. Not only do the shirts have school spirit logos on the front, the real purpose of selling these shirts is written on the back. In each school’s color,  Smith, is printed across the top, and 34 across the center.

Austin Lee Smith is a Victory senior who heartbreakingly passed this year in a car accident. The loss of him not only was not only was depressing for students of both schools, but for everyone. Austin, being so unwillingly kind, was a close friend to many students. He played basketball all four years of high school at Victory, as number 34 on the court. The selling of these shirts not only help raise money for the Austin Lee Memorial Fund, an account made to raise money for Victory athletics, set up by Austin’s parents soon after his passing, but to commemorate the memory and life of Austin Smith.

The shirts are priced reasonably, at $10. The purchasing of these shirts not only impact Austin’s legacy, but our charter community, showing that in this time, no student is alone.

During this high school basketball season, the boys’ varsity team from both schools will compete against each other in January at NNU. The theme for both Victory and Liberty is white-out, where everyone who purchased an Austin Lee memorial shirt, is to where them. That night, the game is dedicated to remembering Austin, and all the wonderful things he did for our school, and fellow students.

Therefore, the preselling of these shirts closes today, 12/5; however, both schools will continue to sell shirts at the memorial game in January. For $10, we can provide support for our small charter community when in a time of need. Help Liberty and Victory Charter commemorate and remember the life of Austin Lee Smith.

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