Idaho off control board seeks 200,000$ to kill wolves in 2019 due to recent spikes in cattle and sheep deaths. The Idaho control board has been given 200,000$ to get rid of the high wolf population because the wolves in Idaho have kill on record 29 cows,48 calf’s, and 89 sheep let... Continue Reading →


James Harden has averaged over 40 points since Christmas. This is all without star point guard Chris Paul and starting center Clint Capella. This is just unreal along with two fifty point plus games. Who would have thought James Harden from Arizona State, drafted back in 2009 would become such a star. There is that... Continue Reading →

Several things that are banned make sense. Lasers banned from airports: reasonable. Firearms banned from sporting events:  logical. But books banned from schools? That seems counter-intuitive.  Isn’t the whole purpose of school to help students learn?  And isn’t one of the key sources of learning books?  Banning books from schools is taking away a valuable... Continue Reading →

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