Idaho control board seeks $200,000 to get rid of wolf population.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

       Idaho off control board seeks 200,000$ to kill wolves in 2019 due to recent spikes in cattle and sheep deaths. The Idaho control board has been given 200,000$ to get rid of the high wolf population because the wolves in Idaho have kill on record 29 cows,48 calf’s, and 89 sheep let alone their killings in elk and deer population. This is a huge problem for farmers and the consumers of Beef and sheep because those cattle and sheep costs a lot.”Wildlife Services confirmed 109 killings of livestock by wolves between July 1 and Sept. 30 last year, Rey said.” In Idaho we have ruffly about 90 packs of wolves and that’s not counting wolves that are by themselves. So by having 90 packs there will be a lot of damage to cattle and sheep in the long run which is why we need to get rid of the wolf packs in Idaho. Since an judges ruling on December 12,  1995 to eliminate these wolves their population has been increasing so by having 200,000$ to get rid of these wolves in Idaho would be a great help to cow farmers, sheep farmers,and hunters of big game, and any one that does not like wolves. Even the farmers have put their money into getting rid of the wolves. I appreciate that the Idaho control board has noticed this problem and has gave the opportunity to put their foot down. Bringing in wolves instead of letting them migrate is that once the other wolves migrated there was an abundance and the conservationists were starting to see a problem. “We’re fine with the $200,000 this year,” Wolf Depredation Control Board member Carl Rey told the budget-setting Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee, noting the board has a surplus this year. So by having an abundance amount of money the board should be able to get rid of this crises.  There are many more ways to try to get money or approval but even governor Brad Little supports their decision to ask for an approval. The Idaho control board will know if they will get approval in June. My resolution for this whole wolf fiasco is to use the money when they get their approval and make wolf traps and get the local hunters involved.


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