The United States holds the record for the highest maternal death rates in the world. “In the U.S., 700-900 women die from pregnancy or childbirth- related causes, and some 65,000 nearly die- by many measures, the worst recorded in the developed world.” Though the causes for these deaths vary, lack of care for mothers affect... Continue Reading →


It was in Phoenix Arizona where police arrested a woman for throwing her newborn baby away. The baby was found in a restroom trashcan in an Amazon Warehouse. The police department of Phoenix arrested Samantha Vivier on Tuesday, January 16 2019. Officers responded and arrived to the scene by 8:30 p.m. The body was discovered... Continue Reading →

Cigarettes shouldn’t be banned in the United States for anyone 18 years or older When first reading that statement, most people’s knee-jerk reaction is to list everything wrong with cigarettes. They shorten your life by about 10 years, cause many diseases like lung cancer, and not to mention, burn a hole in your wallet; however,... Continue Reading →

        The issue of whether or not marijuana should be legalized is becoming a common argument in today's society. Both sides have many reasons as to why it should or should not be legalized. Some of these include over use, time, how it affects society, and how it affects a person.  ... Continue Reading →

You may be affected by the counterfeit 100 dollar bills that have been entered into circulation in and around the Boise area. These crafty criminals are trying to pass their fake 100 dollar bills for real ones. These phony bills were discovered by a Facebook user, this person also fell victim of these counterfeit bills. Police are... Continue Reading →

Physical education is constantly being questioned whether or not it should be required in schools to improve class productivity and efficiency. If not, it opens up more class opportunities for students. But the major issue in today's world is the rapid increase in child obesity. The solution to this problem is that physical education should... Continue Reading →

Will there be a host at the 2019 Oscars?  The Oscars is an award show presented by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, presented annually in order to recognize excellence in cinematic achievements within the film industry. Originally, there was a planned host, Kevin Hart, who later stepped down due to a controversial... Continue Reading →

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