Lebron Jame’s Helps Fast-Food Restaurants Gain More Business Because of his Sponsorship

Lebron James continues to move forward in his basketball career. He is the highest paid basketball player in the NBA. Even though he makes a lot of money from the NBA, his sponsorships greatly increase his yearly income. He deals with 18 different companies including companies like Nike and Beats. James has been sponsored by Nike since 2003, but in 2015 Nike handed a lifetime contract to Lebron. James gets paid $280 million dollars or more a year from Nike. James has earned four million dollars a year since 2008 to help Beats produce advertisements. James was sponsored by McDonald’s in 2010. McDonald’s paid James $4.5 million a year. This doesn’t make sense, why would he pick the most stereotypical unhealthy fast food restaurant?  Yes, it’s easy money, but when you consider his fans, including kids, shouldn’t he be sponsored by companies that promote a healthy lifestyle? I honestly think he’s just chasing the money. Why else would he be sponsored by an unhealthy fast food restaurant? After a long five years of being a McDonald’s ambassador, James left and turned his focus on representing Blaze Pizza. Lebron James gave one million dollars of his own money to Blaze Pizza, then he agreed to be the official spokesperson in exchange for 10% ownership in the company. Because of his sponsorship deal, in  2013-2017 Blaze Pizza grew from two locations to over 200. It is now one of the fastest growing food service businesses in U.S. history. In 2012, James also helped Dunkin’ Donuts go into Asia. Seriously, he is now promoting donuts! Doughnuts are probably the most unhealthy breakfast food there is. Each doughnut can range from about 290-490 calories. That’s about ¼ of the recommended daily calorie intake of about 2000 calories. His fans may misinterpret his acceptance of these unhealthy companies’ sponsorships as a free ticket to eat whatever they want. They think if Lebron eats this and looks/performs like that, then his fans will be more likely to involve themselves in this noxious diet. I understand representing Nike. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and an active life. However, being sponsored by McDonald’s, Blaze Pizza, and Dunkin Donuts doesn’t allow Lebron to line up his healthy active lifestyle with his sponsorship deals. In my opinion, he is not being a great example to his young fans. It’s ok to get paid for what you do, but as a basketball role model maybe you should represent products that are healthy instead of just chasing the money.


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