Why kids have becoming more impatient and bored than ever before

Have you ever noticed that kids have become more impatient and bored as the years pass on? You may find yourself blaming technology as the source of this and then dismiss it as something that you can’t fix. In reality, it’s not just technology and by avoiding the following activities with kids, even if you aren’t a parent yourself, will help decrease this rising issue.

Heather Bragg

Technology, immediate gratification, conforming, endless entertainment, and less social interaction are all part of the issue that is causing the future generation to be impatient, bored and having no real friends.

Technology does distract our kids from everyday life, but it has some good aspects. It provides “high levels of stimulation” as stated by Victoria Prooday an occupational therapist. This causes them to see everyday life as boring because there are no special effects and fast-paced images stimulating their brains as there is when they are playing games. Not only does it cause a higher chance of boredom but it also affects emotional connections between parent and child which as you can imagine is essential to child development.

By giving a child something that they want as soon as they demand it consistently and never letting them wait causes problems in real life situations. As stated by Prooday conforming to a child’s wants makes them “less equipped to deal with even minor stressors.”Stress is a common part of everyday life and if future generations aren’t equipped with the ability to deal with it, who knows what would happen. Another aspect of immediate gratification is when parents conform to their children’s wants especially if it is not good for them. This will affect their ability to get things done that are necessary even if they don’t want to.

Victoria states that “by having our kids have endless entertainment and not doing work it causes them to not work necessary muscles to write.” This is just one example of what can happen if entertainment is provided for kids every second of the day and aren’t given any chores or a break.

Finally, social interaction has become less common and done virtually or not at all. According to Prooday, this may be caused by,” parents are busy and therefore give something to their children to make them busy as well.” This prevents social interaction which is an essential characteristic of becoming successful in most cases.

This is becoming a major issue all around the world. (Prooday) By correcting just a few of these situations when you are around kids, even if you aren’t a parent yourself, it will help them and the future generation to be able to succeed. All by just being less bored and impatient.

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