WNBA players should be paid more

Basketball,one of the most watched sports aside from football we’re kids are  initially in love with the sport,or have the dream of going into the NBA or WNBA. Every year there are college players dropping out of college and pursuing their dream into entering the draft to become a professional basketball player. As the years progress it’s a still a matter that WNBA players get paid less than half of what an average NBA player does.


Every year you sit down to watch at least one or two basketball games. As players get older and new ones come in you would expect that salary for veteran players would raise well in the NBA, not so much in the WNBA. With the amount of salary and average WNBA player gets paid a year would be around 70,000 to 100,000 a year which forces  some to pursue and have to go play overseas for the Europe league. Your average NBA player that is well liked fordownload example Stephen Curry gets paid around 37 million a year at the end of every season each year. That not as nearly as much a WNBA player makes a season, Diana Taurasi has played a minimum of 10 years overseas since her rookie year in the WNBA just to get paid more for playing a sport she loves. WNBA player should get paid the same as a NBA player does because it’s initially the same sport just a different gender playing every player in the league is as equally as talented as the other. Your favorite WNBA player such Cadence Parker,Skylar Diggens, Diana Taurasi and others are to go overseas  every year after the regular season of the WNBA ends the head overseas and play for other countries in which they get paid more than they would get paid here in the states. According to Siemone Augustus, ” An WNBA player playing overseas earn triple of what they earn in the states. In the WNBA, the maximum income a player could earn in 2016 was $109,000. In Russia, that number tripled to $325,000 for one season and as of 2014, a player could earn an estimated $600,000 playing in China” that far more the what they are making here in the states and free the are done with a season there they head back to the states to begin training for the regular season


In conclusion WNBA players should get paid more as or paid the same as a NBA player because this next generation of players coming into the league shouldn’t have to give up summers with their family’s to get paid a little extra then they made in the regular season. It Would make more sense if both got paid close to the same because what is the difference there both outstanding basketball players just different genders

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