Bullying: It Ends Now


Every day people in all stages and ways of life face one of the greatest issues of our modern world: Bullying.

     My freshman year of High School was supposed to be one of the greatest years of my life. Although, those expectations were quickly shattered when I was brought to the reality of High School.  I was introduced to the world of bullying. I found myself surrounded by dirty looks, listening to people gossip about me in the bathroom without knowing I was there, and being treated like I would never amount to anything. As you can imagine, this influenced my self-esteem and confidence drastically. While I have now risen over the trials of that year, I will always bear the mental scars and the feelings it brought. Bullying is a problem influencing people in all stages of life and needs to be stopped.

     To further research on this subject I went on the internet and shared a poll asking how many people were bullied any time in grades 6-12. Voters ranged from ages 13-65. 50% of voters claimed that they were bullied at some point in grades 6-12. I then asked those who have been bullied if it influenced their thoughts on themselves, and their confidence. 97% claimed that it affected them. Bullying can demolish positive thoughts you have about yourself if you let it get to you, which many people do. This diminished self-esteem has the power to lead to worse things such as depression, self-harm, or suicide.

     Since bullying has the power to devastate or even take lives, there is no question it needs to end now. Most bullying happens in grades 6-12 and can completely disturb the trajectory of the victim’s future. While it may seem such a grand issue that is unfixable, it is the small things that seem to make the most difference. Teachers-be aware of the situations of your students. Watch them interact and keep an eye out for if students are being mistreated. It sometimes seems like teachers are oblivious to the toxic behavior surrounding them. Parents-make sure you raise your kids to know very clearly the difference between right and wrong. If you know your kid is having trouble at school uncover the problem and contact the school. Students-be kind. If you see someone else being mistreated take a stand instead of leaving the victim alone. If you are the one being bullied, seek help if you’re afraid to face your bully alone. The only way for this to end is if everyone bands together to fight this inhumanity.

     Bullying is powerful, but so is kindness. As time goes on our modern society seems to become more and more cruel. If we all work together to replace this cruelty with kindness we may finally experience a change in our society. Bullying needs to stop, so let’s put an end to it now.

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