Does NASA deserve to stay around?

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration doesn’t have a large amount of space in the news, or in people’s mind, so is it safe to wonder if NASA needs its share of government funds, or do we not know what really goes on around there, and think that we know what’s best for the government.There are three big points to this argument to why NASA would be useful to the people of The United States, and the rest of the world, and those would be, what is NASA’s budget, what do they do, and how does that help us here.

           To Answer the first of these questions, NASA gets a little less than 1/2% of the government budget. This is really small when compared to a lot of other services, especially the military, but many Americans don’t know this fact. A recent poll by INSIDER taking over 1000 participants found that most Americans couldn’t find NASA’s budget within a percent, which shows how NASA could get a bad reputation for being a vacuum of America’s taxpayer dollars.

           To answer the second question of what NASA does with the money it gets, and what it makes with the money, NASA is constantly building new technology for exploration, but also for the betterment of our Earth down here on the ground. Many people already know about the mars rovers, but few know about what we are doing with Earth to help all countries and continents around the world as we know it currently. A good example of this is the Soil Moisture Active Passive, or SMAP. SMAP is used to circle the earth as a satellite, and uses the sun’s reflection to find the levels of moisture in soil all around the world in only a few days. This use of technology helps millions not starve from unknown droughts, and allows for a better quality of life throughout all agricultural areas of the world.

           Even after all of this, many might still think that we could use that portion of the budget to be used on economic growth, or to give more diverse jobs throughout all of the nation. It is estimated that for every dollar that we put into NASA, 14 dollars are made as a return investment (Lisa Winter) NASA not only gives jobs to hundreds of workers, but it also gives opportunity to stay aware of incoming disaster, and allows for everyone to keep and give a better quality of life.

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