On June in Boise there was an Idaho man Timmy Earl Skinner who was said to have a confrontation with a land lord about having to pay his rent , the report stated that he had become enraged and continued to enter a nearby three year old , immigrant, family's birthday party and started stabbing... Continue Reading →


James Harden has averaged over 40 points since Christmas. This is all without star point guard Chris Paul and starting center Clint Capella. this is just unreal along with two fifty point plus games. Who would have thought James Harden from Arizona state drafted back in 2009 would become such a star. There is that... Continue Reading →

 “Border Security is National Security, and National Security is the long-term viability of our Country. A government shutdown is a very small price to pay for a safe and Prosperous America!” tweeted our current president, Donald J. Trump, on August 1st, 2018. The government shutdown, which still has continued into the new year, was forced... Continue Reading →

The Funding for the Wall has been a big argument in the last three years of President Trump's presidency. There have been ongoing arguments on how the  immigration problem at our southern border should be solved to insure the safety of the citizens of the United States. Neither side can come to the negotiating table... Continue Reading →

Ever since President Donald Trump ordered a government shutdown, America has had several cases of issues. Riots are taking place at Washington D.C. Many people are not being paid the money they deserve and need. People like government officials and other government related businesses are being unpaid. This is a massive issue as many people... Continue Reading →

On the first of January a new law went in to place where first time DUI offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device in their car. An ignition interlock device detects the level of alcohol in the users breath and will only unlock the ignition if they are sober. This is to help... Continue Reading →

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