Drunk Driver Drama


On the first of January a new law went in to place where first time DUI offenders are required to install an ignition interlock device in their car. An ignition interlock device detects the level of alcohol in the users breath and will only unlock the ignition if they are sober. This is to help limit the number of repeating offenders. The amount of drunk driving has steadily increased in Idaho over the years and it doesn’t help that most first time offenders on average have driven eighty times while intoxicated before they are first caught. (Parsons, “Harsher penalties for drunk drivers go into effect January 1 in Idaho”, 18)

Many Idahoans are outraged at the severity of the new law while many others believe it is a step in the right direction to making Idaho roads safer. The laws concerning drunk driving in Idaho has been considered to harsh as a first time offense results in a almost year long license suspension and a one thousand dollar fine and up to six months in jail. With the introduction of the new law for first time offenders Idaho is hoping to bring down the amount of repeat offenders. They are also working to bring down Idaho’s state average since it is higher than the national average for DUI’s.

After a recent incident where a man hit and killed a 24 year old mother of two while driving under the influence. The man was given suspended 15 year jail time and will serve probation while paying child support for Madeline Duskey’s two children that were left motherless after their mother was killed.

The children have been left without one of the most important factors in their life because of a drunk driver. The Mothers Against Drunk Driving association has been outraged after the announcement. They are advocating for mandatory sentencing for drunk driving incidents that was this will never happen again. They want better laws concerning accidents where a persons level of sobriety is involved.

The lives of so many people have been ruined because of someone who was driving drunk. The family and friends of Madeline Duskey have been left without closure and will have to live the rest of their life without that. All because the amount of drunk driving in Idaho is higher than the national average for amount.

Two young children lost their mother and her family and friends lost someone they loved, the drunk driving in Idaho has ruined countless lives and has never helped anyone to be safe or make better decisions.

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