Funding for the Wall

The Funding for the Wall has been a big argument in the last three years of President Trump’s presidency. There have been ongoing arguments on how the  immigration problem at our southern border should be solved to insure the safety of the citizens of the United States. Neither side can come to the negotiating table and agree with a certain solution on the wall. Due to the result of the conflict of both Republicans and Democrats not agreeing, there was a government shut down that lasted for 37 days. Both sides each have different ideas in dealing with immigration and the border security for the United States. The Republicans feel that a wall will make the illegal crossings go extremely low and the Republicans feel that the wall will keep people that might pose as dangerous for the American people and the country. The Democrats feel that a wall is unnecessary that immigrants will still build tunnels under it and use a ladder to crawl over the wall and that it will be a waste of money. They also feel that we should not prevent refugees from entering the United States because they think it’s mean and that we should help them. As it stands now, the shutdown has ended however the parties have still not come to an agreement. President Trump has stated that he will declare a national emergency to fund the wall if members of congress can’t come to some agreement.


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