Stabbing Rampage

On June in Boise there was an Idaho man Timmy Earl Skinner who was said to have a confrontation with a land lord about having to pay his rent , the report stated that he had become enraged and continued to enter a nearby three year old , immigrant, family’s birthday party and started stabbing the closest children.stabbing the three year old in the face and the chest which pierced her heart. Wounding nine including the mother of the three year old before ending his hatred powered rampage.The three later was sent to salt lake class A hospital where her wounds were she unable to be saved and died.It was not long before he was in court and the judge claiming him guilty and stated if that little girl was to die he would be put to the death sentence not knowing only days she would lose her life. Two court proceedings passed before Skinner and his lawyer claimed insanity because of serious mental health issues. The judge took one more court proceeding several long weeks later before under evidence stating this man had a sort of mental issue that disqualified him from being put to the chair and being put to death.Skinner now resides in an institute where he is charged with first degree murder of a young child , among eight counts of aggravated assault of a minor and one account of attempted murder, along with some other charges summed up from his unacounted record history.This raised many serious and concerned questions about the actions that had to be taken about this case. Like will other murders claim some sort of mental illness and be able to avoid the full representation of the law , and set an example of future murders?there were other questions like does a sort of mental illness blind your sense of ableness to commit such heinous acts in the future even if some really have a sort of mental illness can they still choose? Do they still have self control?.There is a lot of controversy over Skinner not being put to the death penalty but state psychiatrists said he did not show any signs of a serious mental illness but due to his emotion and recent state he was not fit to stand trail.The judge at final committed kinner to the maximum security bed institution. for a 90 day period and after that 90 day period he will be extended to 180 days to to the institute because of him being unfit to stand trail and has set an official court date on June of 2020.

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