Smart Clothing For Convenience

The first ever smartphone was invented almost three decades ago. It was big, bulky, and had no real value to common people when it was first made. In Today’s society though, we have fewer and fewer people who don’t use their technology every single day. With the rise in technology, we also have a lot of new gadgets that make things go faster in our lives. From watches to tablets, there is one that is newer than most others, and that is a smart glasses interface. With these glasses, we can have even more of a technologically connected society. Many see this as good, because we can have a lifestyle with faster and easier work. While some may like it, others don’t. Jennifer Dixon has said that. “I have a phone, and a watch, but I don’t think that I could have that on my face.” This does bring a few problems with the machine. Like TV, VR, and even our phones. The glasses would be emitting light onto people’s eyes at all times, which could cause damage over time. Many people look at their phones multiple times a day, but having a phone in their glasses would mean that those same people would go from sometimes to all the time. Even with this unhealthy amount of screen time, the glasses have many different ways to help people go about their daily lives. The glasses can allow for us to multitask and find things without having to look down at a phone. The glasses make it so that we don’t need to constantly have something in our hand, making us more free when burdened by any task. The glasses have a good side, by allowing many to have the power to do things without having to use a phone in their hand, but they also have a bad side, by making your phone attached to your face at all times. So, it’s a choice. The glasses could make certain parts of a person’s life better, but they could also hurt a person’s eyes by overexposure.

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