Meet Our New Protectors: Security Robots

In a lot of TV shows and movies, robots are able to do many things that they cannot do in real life. One such thing is securing businesses and banks. Knightscope Security Robots, the latest advance in security technology, can do just that. The first programmable robots were invented in 1954 by George Devol. Since then, they have come a very long way. The word “robot” was first coined in 1920 for a play. Since then, its usage has skyrocketed, as well as the usage of actual robots. Robots have been used in countless fields, such as manufacturing, military, and even in the medical field. Knightscope is bringing them to their next usage: security.

While Knightscope may be a relatively new company, they have a very rich history. Knightscope was founded in 2013 by Stacy Stephens, a former police officer. His partner was a former executive at Ford, William Li. Their goal is to cut the crime rates in the areas they patrol in half using their security robots. So far, Knightscope has only 4 robot models available: K1, K3, K5, K7. The K1 is a simple stationary robot that keeps watch over entrances and high priority areas. The K3 is a smaller robot, with a focus on indoor patrols. It will most likely be used in high priority areas in office buildings, as well as in banks. The K5 is a larger, mobile robot that stands at about 5 feet tall. It detects crimes using a variety of advanced sensory equipment, including multi-wavelength cameras and hypersensitive microphones. The K7 is an even larger, all terrain robot, designed to patrol outdoor areas for long periods of time. These robots are incredible, but they are still a work-in-progress, so a few incidents have occurred, most of which involve people attacking the robots, or the robots neglecting to use their sensory equipment. “Giving them cute, lovable appearances may help to deter people from attacking them,” as young future engineer Shayla Stimpson put it. I second this notion, and strongly believe that the robots need to be more lovable.

Security robots are an amazing advancement in technology, and if we are able to avoid negative incidents, they may see widespread use. I hope that some day, crime rates will go down thanks to our cold, metallic friends.

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