2 Million Pounds of Chicken Recalled Because it “May be Contaminated with Metal

On Wednesday it was announce by the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service of a fear of a possible contamination of some poultry chicken products. There is an estimated amount of more than two million pounds of poultry chicken products that have been recalled because they “may be contaminated with extraneous material but most specifically metal.”

According to the US Department of Agriculture, Simmons Prepared Food, Inc., located in Gentry, Arkansas, has recalled several of its productions of their ready-to-cook chicken products. They have recalled about 2,071,397 pounds of poultry chicken products including products such as, ready to cook chicken whole legs, boneless skinless chicken, halal chicken leg quarters, and chicken tenderloins.

The chicken products were shipped to eight different states across America. These states include: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania. The chicken products were delivered to institutions located throughout all of these states.

The institutions that the chicken was delivered to do not include the products sold in stores. The chicken products were distributed to locations such as schools, hospitals, some restaurants, and distributors. The chicken was made between the days of October 21 and November 4. The poultry products subject to this recall can be identified with an establishment number of “P-1949”, “P-486”, or “P-5837” found on the US Department of Agriculture’s mark of inspection. It has been advised to any facilities that may have purchased chicken products on the dates that were given to inspect their supply for any possible chance of contamination.

This recall has been classified as a “Class I” case. This title simply describes the situation as a “health hazard situation where there is a reasonable probability that the use of the product will cause serious, health consequences or death.”

As of right now, there have, thankfully, been no reported instances of anyone having an adverse reaction due to the consumption of any poultry products.

One individual expressed his opinion on the recall matter by saying,” The only time I should feel a crunch when I bite into a piece of chicken is when it is fried. We should not have to worry whether or not the food we are eating contains inedible and potentially harmful materials.”

The US Department of Agriculture has advised anyone who has identified one of the contaminated poultry product to either throw it away or to return it to the location it was purchased from.

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