California Forest Fires: 2019 Fire Season

California fires have claimed three lives this year. About 198,392 acres have been burned because of these fires. Since the year has started there have been 6,190 fires and they have taken down 732 structures.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, about 95% of the fires they have responded to have been started by humans because of power lines and electrical equipment. The high winds of California have been known to mess with electrical lines which causes them to spark and in result, start fires. there are also a lot of fires started naturally through lightening but the majority is based off human actions. Based off of the reports from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, all of the fires take up at least 10 acres and thankfully most of the fires have been 100% contained but there are still a lot that still need to be.

The danger zones of the fires extend as you get further into the year. In August the fires are mainly in valleys and foothills but as we moved into October/ November the fires move more towards the coast and mountains. based on last years fire damage report, this year has not been as active as 2018 but some of the fires have been pretty gnarly. To illustrate this point, the Insurance Information Institute states that,” The Kincade Fire in Sonoma County ignited on October 23, and has burned over 76,000 acres—an area more than twice the size of the city of San Francisco.” It was said that more than 189 buildings burned down and many more were damaged. Since 1980, the acreage that has been burned from fires has just gone up, there were a few years where it was lower but for the most part it has risen up until 2018. Based on the reports, 2019 does not look as bad as the past two years however, the year is not over.

As we all know, many celebrities live in California and because of the fires, many of them have been forced to move out of their houses due to their safety. Celebrities like James Charles have had to move as of this year. The devastating Woolsey fire in 2018 , caused celebrities like Miley Cyrus, singer Rob Thicke, actor Gerard Butler, reality star Camille Grammer, Caitlyn Jenner, Neil Young and more. to lose their houses. These fires have taken so much from so many people. These fires have been very devastating but it has also brought our community together and has made strong connections between celebrities and followers.

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