Mother of a Child Will Never Give Up on Her Beloved Baby Girl

Six years ago form August 21, 2013, a beautiful baby girl was born with a rare disease. Willow Olsen mother, Amber Olsen, will never stop fighting to find the cure for her baby girls disease. Three years later, doctors diagnose Willow with MSD. MSD also known as Musculoskeletal Disorder, makes this poor kids deal with the hardness to learn how to walk and move their arms, like we would be able to. Amber’s pregnancy was healthy. And the pragnacy didn’t go wrong.

Many people who have this disorder may not live pass the age of 10. Most doctors think that Willow may not live pass 10 years old. This disorder mostly effects the brain function. Through out this past years, Amber has never given up on her baby girl. And she will not give up. ” ‘There’s nothing you can do [except] take her home and be with her, and just try to keep her comfortable, and she will die,’ Olsen said” according to ABC News. The parents have always had hope in their baby.

After founding out that Willow had MSD, she went back to crawling, but shortly after she couldn’t move anymore. This disorder doesn’t take Willows’ happiness away. She is still smiling, laughing, and always happy. As you can see, disorders will not always take over someones life. Some people look on the bright side like Willow.

The Olsen hope that even if their girl doesn’t not make it through this trail, that others will. They have started Willow’s legacy. So they can help with other families childs who have the same disorder. They found Untied MSD Foundation. Which has made $3 million. This foundation will help with founding the reseach for the cure.

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