As sophomores of Liberty Charter High School , our class is very intellectual, funny, kind and very impressive when it comes to extra-curricular activities. For our 10th grade English class, Our teacher, Mr. Schmidt, had us apply for a job in the categories he provided. Some of the jobs that were available were being Editor in Chief, being part of the Sports staff, the Local News staff, International/Headline staff, and a few more. The job was to start a website that contained journal articles written,designed and published by the English class. Also, a design/photography editor and staff and section reporters. As a group of students, we are keeping this website up to date, interesting, and appealing to the public eye. We have local stories, international stories, and many more.

Liberty Charter School is a k-12 public school that has been up and running since 1998. Liberty is the founding Harbor Method School. We are also apart of Victory and Legacy charter schools. Our mission is to develop students who are competent, confident,productive, and responsible young adults who posses the habits, skills, and attitudes to succeed in life. ” Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that when there is low threat and content is  highly challenging, accelerated learning takes place.”

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