Once a year, men and women of all ages make their way over to Washington D.C. to march for life, 'life' meaning the 57.5 million, and counting, babies who have lost their life due to abortion since 1973. Abortion is defined as the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy, most often performed during the first 28... Continue Reading →


On Friday, March 10, Liberty Charter's tenth grade class will be hosting a "Harry Potter Movie Night!" Not only will they be showing the first Harry Potter movie, they will also have a wand making station, a raffle for different goody baskets that include a big "Dutch Bros" basket, and a big "Movie Theater" basket. If you... Continue Reading →

The North Dakota Pipeline

In August, 2016, multiple men and women around the U.S. arrived at the site of the North Dakota pipeline, beginning the long, tiring protest. The North Dakota pipeline was designed to be a transporter of oil on a daily from North Dakota to Illinois. Since the pipeline would be traveling under the Missouri River, the... Continue Reading →

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