(Jason Chamberlain) In December of 2016, the show Samurai jack was announced to have a brand new season in March. This was shocking to many as the show ended on the fourth season in 2004. Its been nearly thirteen years since the last episode. The many original fans of this show have now grown... Continue Reading →


March 3rd, 2017, Christian Dior released a new line for their Autumn collection.  It featured many new outfits and a lovely show in Paris. The Italian Maria Grazia Chiuri let her sophomore collection loose during this year's Paris fashion week.“Paris has always been an aspirational place for people to express their creativity,”  Maria Grazia Chiuri... Continue Reading →

Ballet Idaho’s Show, “The Nutcracker”

It is a family classic, The Nutcracker, will be being performed by Ballet Idaho with live music from the Boise Philharmonic. Join Ballet Idaho in celebrating the Christmas season. Students from Ballet Idaho will be performing with professional members. the event is located at Velma V. Morrison Center for the Performing Arts 2201 W Cesar Chavez Lane Boise,... Continue Reading →

Coffee Shop Prices

Hot, iced, decaf, or flavored, 54% of Americans ages 17 and older are drinking coffee on a daily basis according to Americans live in a world where people are largely dependent on drinks such as coffee. Many people are suffering from the consequences of this need for coffee, more than people would first assume.... Continue Reading →

Studying Abroad

The benefits of going to college outweigh the benefits of graduating high school diploma. Attending a university has several benefits. For example according to people that graduate college make up to a million more dollars in there life time then a person that only has a high school diploma. It is a proven fact... Continue Reading →

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